Tie the knot in (Master)peace!

This word, “Engagement” is the foundation of Masterpeace. It became reality in April 2018 when Tunde gave up her corporate job. Our property portfolio income allowed Tunde to be in the property business full time. Not long after, the “penny dropped” for us in terms of what is our future would be in property. 

Tunde`s vision started to become crystal clear. She had always desired to build eco-friendly, bespoke homes since she got introduced to property in 2012. The idea seemed to be out of our comfort zone at first but the circumstances and our attitude have changed since then. It enabled us to familiarise ourselves with property developments and to begin building the business.

The housing shortage in the UK is in favour of developments but not only for the traditional way of bricks and mortar. Following research we realised that with Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) we can fill those gaps on the market which the big nationwide developers did not touch in the past but their “appetite” is constantly growing for these innovative methods nowadays. This was the moment when we tied the knot with the MMC developments.

The next step was to create our brand for our new company. We were fortunate to work on this while we were in California on holiday in September. The name “Masterpeace” and was finally chosen during our stay in the “Sunshine County”.

On top of this, something else happened that would also make an impact on our future: I proposed Tunde. We got engaged on the beach by the waves of the Pacific Ocean. Romantic scene with a lifetime commitment, another knot was tied. 

We are engaged to Peace in personal life as well as in business, so our mission is to Master it day by day. There is no doubt, a warm and peaceful home is vital for living a happy life. Masterpeace homes are created for those who do not accept mediocracy. Instead, they take a leap forward to live in Masterpeace and to be proud of standing out of the crowd. We are pleased to hear from you if you would like to get to know us a bit more or would like to work with us. Masterpeace is the right place for like-minded people who believe in win-win solutions and growing together.

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