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You are one in a million!

According to a Building Society survey carried out in Aug 2018 1,000,000 people wanted to build their own home in the UK. However, there were only 13,000 self builds actually completed in the financial year of 2016/17.

Government has decided, as part of the solution to the housing crisis and to assist their plans for the UK to build new homes at scale, people in England now have the lawful right to build their own home. 

Legislation was passed in April 2016 which is designed to significantly accelerate the growth of new housing by empowering consumers to design and build their own home or commission a home to be built to their specification. This has been named the “Right to Build” and it has been given to everyone over the age of 18 in England. 

How do you exercise your right to build and what is the result of you doing so? 

You can exercise your Right to Build by registering your desire to either self or custom build your new home with any local planning authority in England. More info at,