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The great news is that over three quarters of you have heard about MMC! Those who answered yes were also aware of the different construction methods. The most well-known was Modular with 85% of respondents confirming their awareness of this method. In second place was Timber frame with 78%. The “bronze medal” was held by Steel frame at 66% then last but not least the Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) came in at 57%.

How important is it to you how your house is built?

The majority of you – 59% – answered “important” the other “half” – 41% – insisted “I do not care as long as it keeps me safe, dry and warm.”

Most respondents also were aware of the construction method of their own homes. It comes as no surprise that 85% of them live in homes built with bricks and mortar. 7% lived in Timber Frame and 5% lived in homes constructed with Structured Insulated Panels (SIPS). 5% of you were not aware of the construction type and nobody declared that they lived in a modular house.

We received lots of interesting answers to our question of how people would define MMC. Amongst them were:

  • “Multiple methods but one is pre-creating parts of house in a factory and then putting together like lego.”
  • “A quicker type of construction that is more economically friendly and cheaper that standard construction.”
  • “Pre constructed houses or large parts of a house factory made to make assembly on site quick and easy.”
  • “The application of materials and techniques developed as alternative to traditional brick construction that have been developed to reduce site construction time or environmental impact.”
  • “Often off-site, quality controlled and more sustainable than traditional methods.”

We also asked in the survey Which type of new build house would you buy”?

It brought a positive response from our point of view as 72% of people would choose precision engineered, highly energy efficient MMC and only 28% would go ahead with the traditional bricks and mortar. The people who would not choose MMC justified their reasons. They include:

  • “Risky as new to the market and not tested over the long term (60-70 years+).
  • Would be worried about mortgagability and think capital increase would be reduced vs bricks and mortar construction.
  • Put off due to issues with pre fab houses.”
  • “I believe it would be more expensive.”
  • “MMC is relatively new, and it isn’t fully known how long they will last, although a lot of manufacturer claim at least 60 years it isn’t yet proven. However bricks and mortar has been proven to last hundreds of years I would consider one however would like to see over the next 5 to 15 years how they weather and last.”
  • “Fear of the unknown.”
  • “At this point (I believe) the banks are behind the times and its much harder to get a mortgage on properties that are not standard construction. Plus I already have my eye in my dream house and it is made of bricks.”

When buying a new house what factors would be important to you? 

“Low utility bills/running costs” was the “winner” scoring 55.45%. People also considered as being important the “Quality workmanship (minimum snagging list)” – 54.46%. This was followed by High thermal performance at 50.50% Surprisingly “Attractive external/internal design” – 40.59% – came in ahead of the “Sustainable, environmentally friendly building” at 32.67%.

Which benefits of MMC are the MOST important to you?

 The most common answer was “Low utility bills/maintenance costs” with 30%. Secondly the “Sustainable, environmentally friendly building” with 23%. The third place was taken by Quality workmanship at 22%. Interestingly enough, the High thermal performance only collected 18%. It seemed that attractive external/internal design was not the priority for people as it reached just under 7%. 

Lastly we asked “What type of tools/resources would be helpful for people to learn more about MMC.”

“Building site visits” was the most popular – over 55% of people voted for this option, followed by video tutorials – around 53% – and the third place was taken by regular newsletters – 38%.

We will bear this in mind as we aim to continue to inform you about land development and MMC related topics, share knowledge and connect people to help each other in development.

The current Covid19 situation is also triggering the MMC industry. Mark Farmer, the government`s MMC champion said: “I have no doubt that the Covid-19 crisis will now accelerate some of the modernisation trends that the construction industry has been seeing in recent years.” An insulation specialist firm`s sales director, Mark Cooper stated: “The Covid-19 crisis is forcing construction firms to rethink their processes and may see them place greater emphasis on modern methods of construction. The UK is already desperately short of homes and the current crisis means we will have to work even smarter to address the growing shortfall. Using more streamlined methods with faster build times will go some way towards helping us catch up.”

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