MMC – must know about this!

If you missed our first presentation, “Building Better, Building Faster” in August for whatever reason – holiday, wedding or Love Island (?) and so on – not to worry! We put together a summary that would probably be useful for you.

Firstly, we shared our vision with the audience – check Winston Churchill`s quote on our Home page – as well as what can be achievable using Modern Methods of Construction.

The main issues the housing market is facing trigger the construction industry. How these issues can be solved?

“The 3 letters which influence the construction industry today and have the potential to solve the issues causing the housing crisis are: M M C” – this was one of the sentences being said at the Asana property meeting. This is not exaggeration. We talked about 4 different MMC methods and highlighted the benefits of these.

TIME: The speed of off-site manufacturing: reduced lead times. Speed of on-site erection: quicker progress to “wind & watertight” building. It could take a few days up to few weeks depending on the design and size. The whole development process can be reduced by HALF compare to the traditional way!

While the units or panels are being manufactured in the factory the developer can do the preparation works on site at the same time. By the time the foundation, utilities, roads are finished the structure of the building or whole volumetric modular houses are ready for delivery to the site and being installed as soon as possible.

COST EFFICIENCY: Fixed production costs provided by the manufacturers. Reduced development finance cost because the timeframe of a project. It takes less time to reach completion which means the cost of the borrowing is lower.

SUSTAINABILITY: Raw timber materials are sourced from well-managed, sustainable forests and have lower embodied carbon than other materials. Low wastage on site, less environmental impact on the local area.

Do you need to be an experienced developer to build sustainable, energy efficient houses? NO.

Do you have to deal with the same level of risk/stress as if you used traditional – bricks and mortar – method? NO.

We are convinced about the potential of MMC. Through our MMC developments we can ensure our partners achieve their goals by creating a multiplied win-win:

Landowners: Offering them creative solutions ie. JV partnership with profit share option.

Investors: High Return On Investment, 6 figures profit achievable. Reduced construction time, reduced risk level provide more control to the developer.   

End users: “future proof” home – warm, energy efficient house – dramatically reduced energy bills!

Would you like to be a member of the winning team? If you have similar aspirations and passion towards MMC we would like to hear from you and find out how we could work together.