Joint Venture

Joint Venture (JV) with a piece of land for a “master” piece of the development profit 

Do you own a piece of land and are you struggling to find a decent buyer on the open market? Are you perhaps afraid of developing it yourself? Whatever it is stopping you to benefit from your land we are happy to find a solution that achieves the maximum value for you.

We can negotiate a deal depending on your situation and the potential of the development whereby both parties can benefit. Simply, let us do the hard work and maximise the opportunity for each piece of land that we deal with. Why not take advantage of our expertise and our experienced team of professionals? Contact us now for a non-obligatory chat, click here.

What we looking for:

  • Land with or without planning permission, preferably brownfield
  • Land with or without existing building on it (residential or commercial)
  • Greenbelt area may be considered

What we do through our partners:

  • Assess land potential/carry out due diligence
  • Organise relevant surveys
  • Submit planning applications 
  • Raise development finance
  • Select and introduce contractors (roads, utilities, pavement, landscape, foundations and construction for turnkey houses)
  • Full on- and off site project management, including Building Control, Health & Safety