How deep is your love?

We love MMC! Don`t you miss out on something?

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) deserves a Blog on this webpage at least, but to be fair it should probably hit the headlines of the 6 o`clock news on all national televisions!

A family run development business like ours is amazed by the MMC technologies available today for providing sustainable, environmentally friendly homes. Our point of view on MMC is strong and during the last few months has become stronger and clearer. We visited several MMC sites; timber frame-, SIPs- and modular factories which gave us the boost for developing land using these methods in the Northwest. For more information visit our “Inspiration” – page.

More and more factories, suppliers and developers stepped into this market which is – undoubtedly – emerging. Several modular projects have been completed around the Northwest, such as Trinity Way in Manchester, New Islington or Widnes. At other locations, such as Skelmersdale and Sheffield – we visited sites where timber frame or SIPs panels were used.

The government housing accelerator, Homes England, has also recognised what a significant role the MMC can play in the new-build industry. Their aim is to help more people in England to access better homes in the right places. The following list of priorities can be found in the Homes England strategic plan:

  • providing investment products, including for major infrastructure
  • unlocking and enabling land
  • supporting modern methods of construction (MMC)
  • addressing the barriers facing smaller builders

Among the organisation`s “2018 to 2020 priorities” there are also referrals to the MMC:

  • incorporate MMC outcomes into our contracts, both for land and investment
  • support pilot projects where there is developer interest in testing MMC to learn lessons and understand costs
  • Encourage developers to use MMC and increase the capacity of the off-site manufacturing industry, including through our provision of development finance
  • develop and implement a consistent approach to measuring the impact of MMC in partnership with industry

It does not come as surprise that MMC has a major role in the long term priorities too:

“unlock surplus local authority land with capacity for up to 32,000 homes, by investing in infrastructure and enabling works through our Local Authority Accelerated Construction programme – in return, we will seek to secure commitments from local authorities to progress sites at pace and encourage the use of MMC”

Homes England also realised that not only the quantity but the quality is achievable by using Modern Methods of Construction.

We must embrace change to improve productivity and reduce the impact of the declining workforce. MMC has the potential to be significantly more productive than traditional methods of construction and greatly increase the pace of delivery. It can also improve the quality of construction, address labour and materials shortages and deliver a number of additional benefits such as improved energy efficiency and health and safety. As a result, developers are already introducing MMC.

Masterpeace Developments is proud to be in the “right boat” and believe that people around the North West can enjoy the benefits of MMC in their dream home provided by us. We are more than happy to have a conversation with you as a potential partner or investor in our next project. We are happy to share the love of MMC and bring other professionals on board for this purpose.

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